Sustainably wildcrafted sacred tools

Inspired by the seasons, cycles & elements of nature, White Sage Wellness offers an apothecary of nature-based healing tools. From essential oil blends to magical ritual tools - White Sage products inspire the senses & set the tone for creating sacred space.

All products are made with 100% pure all-natural ingredients. No synthetics. No additives. Cruelty free. All materials selected are organic or wild-harvested whenever possible and purchased from reputable companies that focus on ecological consciousness, sustainability, and fair trade.

ABOUT Tracy Chocholousek

founder & Creatrix of white sage wellness

Tracy is the creatrix behind White Sage Wellness where she weaves together her background in aromatherapy, holistic counseling, and nature-based healing practices. She has been nurturing her relationship with plant medicine and working with essential oils for over 10 years. Each creation she considers a ritual tool for body, mind, and spirit.

Her deep love of nature, yoga, creativity, and community are her guiding lights in health & happiness. Tracy’s counseling work and individual sessions focus on self-care and empowerment practices where the work is done in the spirit of collaboration and clients take away powerful, personalized healing tools and techniques.

Background & Education

Co-owner of Rare Bird - Gift Shop & Makers’ Studio, Oakland, CA

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #85751, 2015
MA in Holistic Counseling, JFK University, 2006

200 hour Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher Training, 2016