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Yoga & Ayurvedic lifestyle practices can be blended into any Wellness or Aromatherapy Session.

I’ve been a yoga practitioner for over 20 years and completed a 200 hour Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher Training in 2016 through Nadi Girl Ayurveda and Namaste Yoga studio in the East Bay area of California. Over the years I have traveled and tried many different yogic paths and have continued to integrate the various non-asana practices into my life - such as ayurveda, meditation, pranayama/breathwork, loving kindness, and mindfulness. These practices make up my own primary tool-kit for self-care and embodied living. What I’ve found and lived is that one’s personal practice must shift and adapt to the ebb and flow of our movement throughout changing life situations, ages, and health.

What most draws me to Ayurveda is its adaptation to seasonal changes and how we can learn to balance what’s happening on the inside with what’s happening in the outside world. More than just adapting to Summer, Winter, Fall, and Spring, we can tune in to our internal seasons - learn to connect with our body and felt sense, often through yoga or other movement practices - in order to better discern when to slow down and rest or energize and motivate. My intention is to help you to design personalized practices and integrate them into daily rituals that promote optimal functioning and happiness in your everyday life - to help you live more vibrantly.

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