Customize the perfect scent just for you, or design for someone you love!

I offer two options for customized scents -

1) Individualized in person sessions

2) Online via a short questionnaire & your product is mailed to you 

Customized Aromatherapy Product

Here's how it works. Purchase a customized scent here and choose to have it applied to a product of your choosing: an aromatherapy spray, roll-on scent, massage oil, or bath salt. In addition, each purchase includes a complimentary stick of palo santo.

You will be asked to fill out a form at checkout. It asks lots of pertinent questions - scent preferences, body aches, and intentions behind the scent. The more information you provide, the more magic can be woven into your customized or signature scent. 

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Inquire for more information or to schedule a session. Are you interested in larger quantities of custom scents? Be in touch!